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Thank you Edmonton for voting for us! This is an amazing honor!
To help us celebrate, take 10% off all corsets with the coupon code "BESTOF2014".
(Ends October 31, 2014)

Current Turnaround
Shipped by November 10th
All new orders made will be processed mid October. This is due to personal issues and a long needed hiatus that will help Sweet Carousel's growth. Please contact us if you have further questions. Thank you!!

Specializing in bold and progressive waist-training corsetry since 2007. Every corset is handmade and uses the highest quality materials available for modern corsetry. All patterns are made in-house and gives an amazing shape with comfort in mind. Classic and Designer collections are available in addition to custom requests.

Based in Edmonton Canada
and ships worldwide.

♥ Enjoy Your stay! ♥

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